airocideRohigreen Green Group

Rohi Green was established in 2009 with the vision to provide a set of revolutionary solutions with an initiative to a avant-garde technologies by embarking on AiroCide – a Photocatalytic Air Purifying System – based on the NASA-developed space technology.  AiroCide kills all airborne micro-organisms and keeps the air 99.9998% pure, making it an indispensable asset wherever indoor air quality is of prime concern.

The AiroCide technology has redefined the concept of clean air in a variety of industries. It provides pure air in floral industries to make cut flowers last 15 days longer. In medicine and healthcare industry, AiroCide plays a crucial role by sterilizing the air and eliminating life-threatening, disease-causing bacteria and germs.

By effectively removing ethelyne gas, it extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetable and other perishables. This could be a boon to countries like India where 72% of fruit and vegetable production goes waste due to decomposition during storage. By eliminating losses due to decay, AiroCide can play a crucial role in improving the agricultural output and eventually the GDP of the country.

The product application of the technology is vast, ranging from medical-healthcare (The AiroCide system is an FDA Class II listed medical device) to many commercial, government and residential uses for infection control, terrorism preparedness functions and indoor air quality. Each market segment has specific customer needs and different product requirements, however all are based around the need for a pathogen-free, healthy-air work and home environment.

AiroCide Photocatalytic Air Purifying Systems,Help Solve Your Indoor Air Problems

  • No Ozone
  • Not a Filtering System
  • Easy to Install - Inexpensive to Operate
  • No Costly Clean Ups
  • Low Maintenance
  • Self-Cleaning, No Harmful By Products
  • Safe, Operates 24/7
  • Low Energy Requirement
  • Eliminates Gaseous Chemicals, VOC's and Odors
  • Not Effected by Humidity
  • Compatible with Existing Airflow Systems
  • Enhances Air Mixing with HVAC Systems
  • NASA Developed for Space Travel