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Ethylene gas is the natural occurring hormone that triggers fruits, vegetables and flowers to ripen. In the case of a barrel of apples when one apple begins to ripen it releases ethylene - nature's signal - for the others to ripen.

Not surprisingly, effective removal of ethylene gas has been proven to lead to extended life for apples and just about every other fruit or vegetable in existence. In fact, AiroCide was developed and used by NASA for this very purpose - growing crops in space.

The technology has been put to use on various space shuttle missions, on board the international space station and today can be found protecting some of the largest and best known wholesale and retail food service organizations in the United States like SuperValu, Whole Foods Super Markets, Del Monte and others.

These organizations use AiroCide for one reason: it works; saving them thousands if not millions of dollars each year by extending the life of these items in their stores. How? Because AiroCide deployment literally provides these businesses with extra days -sometimes weeks to sell their fruits, vegetables and flowers before they turn in colour, texture or flavour.

How AiroCide helps

  • Slows down deterioration and extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Helps reduce waste in an ever-increasing gsreen economy
  • Adds extra food safety protection wherever these perishable foods are handled or stored.