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Numerous air purification applications exist in both institutional and private practice healthcare settings with several identified as eliminating cross contamination of airborne diseases and pathogens. Healthcare applications like paediatricians' clinics, immuno-compromised areas of specialty and critical care and needs for isolating patients all benefit from clean air. This is because AiroCide eliminates any biological material - regardless of size - that comes in contact with its proprietary matrix, oxidizing the organic matter thereby releasing only crisp clean fresh air. The technology has shown meaningful reductions in infections and diseases causing in healthcare applications such as operating theaters, Intensive Care Units (ICU's) and hospital rooms resulting in lower post operative infections and nosocomial diseases.

How AiroCide helps

  • Eliminates and oxidises airborne organic matter including bacteria, viruses and even anthrax
  • Reduction in infections in crucial areas such as operating theatres and ICUs
  • Provides 99.9998% clean air